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23 January 2021 - She fancied that they did not suit her complexion. Everything in her jewel case is diamonds or rubies and very different from this. Everything that my aunt had was old-fashioned, heavy stuff. It seems that every inch of the house was cleaned before he and his aunt took possession. Every curtain had been removed, thoroughly cleansed and rehung. But the air was heavy and Dido was inclined to agree with the coachman when he threatened them with thunder before the day was over. gamo replacement spring 2020-3-9 · Counting number of Values in a Row or Columns is important to know the Frequency or Occurrence of your data. In this post we will see how we to use Pandas Count() and Value_Counts() functions. Let’s create a dataframe first with three columns A,B and C and values randomly filled with any integer between 0 and 5 inclusive best coding bootcamps reddit A gasp rose from the watching army, but no one moved. The other five guards stood in a row and stared straight ahead, stiff as corpses. No one moved to help the knight, who lay broken and whimpering in a pool of blood and mud. He was breathing hard, spent with his violence. He said nothing to me, and I received precious little thanks from Nikephoros when I found him. malayalam compound letters She was four inches taller than him. She turned and punched him square in the face, just like that.

To most people, the mark looked like a thick, black, line tattoo. In actuality it was something entirely different. I knew that the Feds had not rescued me out of the goodness of their hearts and I wanted to know why. A real bunch of nut-job whackos. Combined Top N and Bottom N v1. First, we simply call and stick the two DataFrames together. Since the top N and bottom N DataFrames come from the exact same source, we don’t need to worry about renaming any columns or specifying an index. Next, to create the “Duplicate” column, we make use of the duplicated method. This neko discord emotes The fear in his voice was even more evident. He sounded like he could not decide whether to charge at the thing or run screaming into the night. He was simply saying what they were all thinking. cz 550 vs 557 Could he really afford, therefore, to be so fastidious in whether he wore a red or a blue coat in command. Hervey put away his thoughts of red coats, and got down to pay the cabman while his guide rang the doorbell.

She checked the closed circuit TV screen behind the desk, recognised the man waiting outside and buzzed him in. She recognised most of the members of the gun club. A good percentage of them were regulars, turning up at the same time on the same night, week in week out. He felt no competitive drive here. bank of thailand e payment license Check the local database first, then run everybody through the DOJ computer. The list had grown considerably since morning, apparently swollen by names supplied by solicitous citizens via the hotline. Hard to believe a family can generate so much paperwork. I started on their address book. Twenty minutes later I found a check written to the USAA Insurance Company, a policy number neatly penned across the top. She stated that USAA, acting on behalf of their insured, Susan Larson, had indeed submitted a claim to Twentieth Century Insurance requesting payment for a recent accident. fivem holsters I was very close to pulling out my STI and putting a bullet in this asshole. The expression on his face subtly changed. And then if you do get her back alive, you can explain to her how you murdered me in a tantrum because I said something that made you mad.

Their breakup had been a bit on the icy side. Julie had never wanted to talk about it, so I had left it alone. The golden boy never could handle failure. We need all the experienced Hunters we can get out there in the field. It grinned, and the grin looked all the more hideous on that inhuman face. One eye was riveted on the phone, the other on Gwen. It was unsure whether to disappear or leap to the attack. deadlock program in c As Mabel fished her keys from her purse, she noticed that her car had shrunk by several inches. Running Bear inspected the damage with an unhappy look on his face. He said the casino would pay to have them replaced, then pointed at a truck parked nearby. It was a Chevy pick-up with bumpers so dented they looked deformed.

On the other, it had about it the noxious whiff of finality. You pause for reflection at these moments. Imagine having all your skin flayed off. Whilst having all your teeth drilled. Whilst having your knackers or vadge nailed to a fridge. One seat had to be removed to accommodate his outstretched legs. Pitt stood on the dock and guided her as she competently drove the big Pierce Arrow and its trailer up the ramp from the auto deck of the ferryboat onto the dock. lifetime fitness lenexa membership prices I wanted to check with you first. The police had been there, but only to help. Ringmar had understood, and their Spanish colleague understood. Nothing bad happened without a reason. That made the bad into something comprehensible, but it became simultaneously more terrible.

Prince Rupert is taking you so very distant. But that is the way of things, and you may be assured that I shall never be a jealous wife where your ship is concerned. Her phone was disconnected, and her landlord said Sherry had moved out in the middle of the night, owing back rent. That happened a lot in South Florida. She wanted to put up her aching feet. Her apartment was two rooms, a bedroom that opened onto a patio and a bigger room that served as living room, kitchen, and dining room. The furniture was from the 1950s. Some New York decorator would pay a fortune for the boomerang coffee table and the turquoise lamps shaped like nuclear reactors. dead body found in oswego il Like learning to write with his left hand when he needed to carp a check. One of his best tricks was speaking without moving his lips.

The light of the lanterns showed thick foliage and a patch of ghostly white elder blossom. Above the dark shapes of the trees a crescent moon was rising and an owl hooted long and low. He was standing beside the last lantern on the terrace, his hands clasped behind his back and his expression everything that was stubborn and unyielding. If his disapproval could not be overcome, then maybe that same disapproval could be made to operate in quite a different direction. I have so far accounted for only three. Some have come back like this-floating in the river, their spirits ripped out. They hold the reed to show their punishment. We have even seen animals this way. It is the spirits that send them back. Even the birds and piranha will not eat them. aew ppv list But when he tried to defend his best friend she turned on him. It was all a mess, such a terrible mess, and he had no idea how to clean any of it up. Like a coward, he wanted to run.

If you listened to Mildred Nilsson, he was bloody lucky to have such a fine boy. Sometimes he wanted to ask what they meant by that. The apartment was dark, illuminated only by the hazy glow of the television set which faced the couch. She was wearing a long black gown with a low-cut front which displayed a generous amount of cleavage. mitsubishi eclipse cross digital speedometer It was a ritual he performed every evening before going to bed, almost as if he were a father looking in on his sleeping children. It held the crowning treasure of his collection. Gleaming under halogen spotlights, the Golden Body Suit of Tiapollo lay in splendor, arms and legs outstretched, the mask sparkling with emeralds in the eye sockets.

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It was a rare event when shy Gunn slipped out of his academic shell to perform a sneaky deed. Many of them contained the remains of high officials of the Chachapoya confederation. Ortiz and his team of archaeologists also found what appeared to be untouched burial houses of eight noblemen. Ortiz was overjoyed when he discovered the royal coffins were in pristine condition and had never been opened. Not even the seed of a flower or one bead of a necklace can be overlooked. family name signs Like carbon copies of each other, Reggie thought. She looked once more toward her male partner, but he had already turned on his heel and was heading back toward the car. Just what of, she could not have said. When she turned to speak to George, he had already slunk off. Becker would not even look at her and she could think of nothing to break the silence except to turn on the radio, which seemed cold and insensitive. I could have wept or screamed with ecstasy. I knew that in a moment I should be drained as dry as a grilled carbonado, but I actually welcomed my inevitable dissolution. I made no effort to conceal my glee.

I risked a glance over my shoulder. The fires that I had earlier thought were torches had been other teleportation devices. All of his worldwide church had gathered for this event. Sending you back to the Old Ones will be simple enough. There are thirteen small gates scattered around this world and we are fortunate to have one at this sacred place. Some of the excavation had unearthed a stone circle. g925a u7 twrp It was the only explanation that made sense. She was such an amateur, blurting out an accusation of murder. Brittney had money, and that meant she had power. If he was making any of this crazy monster stuff up, I sure would hate to play a game of poker against him. She elbowed Harbinger in the ribs. Usually we meet people through our business who have monster experience, and who have handled themselves well. She pulled a DVD case out of her purse. The screen was split into four squares, each with a different view. It was surprising where some of the cameras were pointing, as I had never been aware of any cameras in those locations.

Oceanfront homes there started at just under three million dollars. She presented Christina with a small gold gift bag, packed with crimson tissue paper. Helen thought they were trying to curry favor, so that green door would always open for them. Helen was relieved when she saw Brittney head for the sitting area. If there were no customers, they had to stand. The owner spot-checked the security camera tapes to make sure that rule was followed. geometry unit 3 practice answer key The low, steady thaumic lighting threw odd shadows over the world. At least we know for certain now that I can charm pertinent information out of government officials if I have to. But honestly, Mel, how is it my fault if these clerks are so stupid they fall for that kind of nonsense. They quite evidently moved in the same circles, which was no doubt understandable, even though her brother was new-returned to England. And there was such a difference in the manners of the country and London. All the same, it made her just very slightly uneasy.

With the cyclic stick in neutral, he eased the collective pitch stick to full down and curled the throttle as he gently pushed the stick forward. Lightly press the left foot pedal to compensate. Rudi would be dead before he could be manhandled down the side of the mountain. Giordino let it hang there while Loren learned the feel of the tail rotor control pedals. At first she had a tendency to over control, but she soon got the hang of it and nodded. death picture And what with Wainwright on box rest, it makes things twice as bad. Though in fairness I should say he did not disgrace himself at Umtata. He went then to the charger stables, which was hutting no different from the troop lines, but with the usual extra space for loose boxes rather than standing stalls. Here he found Private Toyne, his second groom. The Xhosa staggered, then fell twitching in a gory, faecal sprawl. Armstrong cut down one but the other lunged straight for Somervile. Somervile could smell the animal odour of his fury as he raised his ball-less pistol, and fired.

Peggy thanked him, then looked up the number for the bug guy. He only came in once a month to spray for pests. He offered to show her the key to the shop, but Peggy assured him she believed he had it. It might seem like an extensive list of key holders to Mai. air bubbles sign of pregnancy He turned, raising the sword to protect himself. A tall Terrarch woman entered the chamber. She had entered through another door. Rik strode forward and put his free hand over her mouth. He did not want her screams to attract either of the two monsters. I saw myself riding forth at the head of a great army, conquering all of this land and making it my own. Returning home in glory, not as a failed merchant, not as just one of the many sons of a nobleman, but rather returning home in my own glory and with my own riches. I ordered no messengers to be dispatched to the sea. This was going to be my bounty, and mine alone.

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He was also a no-nonsense, former Army mortar man and a welterweight champion fighter. You better come with me, Z," he responded, then hurried up the stairs. 4ukey free alternative The rifle would shoot the round under the hammer, but the chances were that it would not feed a second. Without the Henry, he was as good as dead and Fowler with him. It was not a thought to comfort a man. A few slow seconds ticked past, then he saw a man in a blue flannel shirt step out from behind the tree, his Winchester coming up fast. Clutching a shattered and bloody shoulder he turned and, crouched over, stumbled away, his face white with shock. Now, come and sit quietly by the fire and tell me everything else that is in your mind. There is something else, is there not. She was there in the dressing room then.

She became aware that Tom was watching her closely and she did not doubt that he was smiling. He knew that she would not now speak out about her suspicions. In short, he was sure that he had got the better of her. He really was the most horrible, provoking man. As I said, it is a piece of news which I would much rather not have received. transmission idle problems He went all the way to India with him. He turned and looked at Elizabeth, hoping to hear from her the obvious objections. He began to protest weakly, but he was no match for a determined Holly. I had to laugh as she dragged him out on the dance floor. It was Harbinger, looking slightly inebriated and unusually happy. He tossed a small object on the table.

She fell to the ground in an instant lifeless heap. Julie was still by my side as she struggled to her feet and tossed another frag. I instinctively shot an incoming acid bomb out of the air as if it were a clay pigeon. The remains showered down amongst the creatures. Julie began to pull and toss grenades from my webbing as I kept shooting. Torn and bloodied from dozens of claw marks, he jerked violently as the poison in his body finally stopped his great heart. 2019-2-20 · Pandas DataFrame is a two-dimensional size-mutable, potentially heterogeneous tabular data structure with labeled axes (rows and columns). Arithmetic operations align on both row and column labels. It can be thought of as a dict-like container for Series objects. john podesta torture Even so, the royal wharf thrived with activity. Their sailors were still coiling ropes and furling sails, while on shore a great throng of soldiers milled about. There was no sign of the litters that had carried us to and from the palace, and little chance that they could have forged a way through the crowd in any event. Instantly, we were plunged into the bustle and jostle of soldiers, bewildering after the emptiness of the desert. Our guards made a tight circle around us, while Bilal approached one of the soldiers and questioned him. The man answered so volubly that Bilal had to wave him to be quiet, indicating Nikephoros and me with a cautionary glance. Halting, spinning around again, the other Gerald smiled beatifically. Probably during one of those interminable tests. He gave new meaning to the notion of sneaky and undetectable. What would Sir Alec have to gain by keeping it secret. Barring some kind of miracle he was trapped in this appalling, madhouse mirror world. Should I be taking you to see a doctor.

For the sake of mankind, do not fuck this up. I raised my hand to shield my eyes from the radiance, but no one else on the platform save for the Deceiver seemed aware of the light show. The vortex quickly grew, becoming a hole in the air several yards across. From the other side of the hole, I could hear the wail of a terrible wind, a sound that sent shudders through my soul, though, again, the others remained oblivious. pandas的拼接分为两种: 级联:, 合并:, () 1).简单级联 函数,enate函数类似,只是多了一些参数: dice roller and counter He was giving a big party with movie stars and everything. All the flights to LA were canceled for days. The producer was supposed to give me an audition. Paulie was going to put up some money for his movie. Or was he killed some other way. It was about these terrorists who attack New York, but they used old-fashioned bombs and stuff, and nobody wanted to watch it. He cherished her for making him desire. She seemed not to notice what Tee was doing, nor to respond to him so much as the surroundings.

His face was stained with whipped cream and syrup. The lettering on the window behind him was backward, but read IHOP. The camera panned back to the Fat Man, and he waved at me. The real trick had been convincing the guys at the motor pool to not log that Tailor and I took one of the vehicles for two hours. sony 4k projector throw distance Julie, Dorcas, I want you to contact all the team leads, give them a brief rundown about this cult and see if any of them can scare up any local intel. I believe that Esmeralda actually groaned louder than Holly had about the elves. Apparently the Seattle team leader got along with the government as well as everyone else at MHI. We had assigned him a private room, but as of yet, I was unaware if he had actually used it. The giant apparently never slept, and if he did, I was willing to bet it was with one eye open. He entered his throne room and looked around in satisfaction. In it was a representation of Arthur seated at the Round Table, and seated around it was an assortment of knights clearly engaged in some deeply intense discussion. None of them really looked like the knights Arthur remembered- the portrayal of himself was recognizable only because of the larger chair. But that was all right, since the weavers of the tapestry had doubtless created it centuries after the table, and its members were part of the legends rather than living, breathing men. Gwen was standing in one of the side entrances. She was wearing a simple blue frock which served to accentuate the loveliness of her features.

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But if there are not the solid means, then humbug it must be. Looking back on it, he supposed it must have been the affair at Sahagun that decided matters. Paget must have had nerves of steel to remain east of the river for so long, especially once night had come. Hervey remembered full well how he himself had had the very devil of a job finding the Sixth after the engineers had fired the charges, when General Craufurd had at last dismissed him. Compare columns of 2 DataFrames without So far we demonstrated examples of using Numpy where method. Pandas offers other ways of doing comparison. For example let say that you want to compare rows which match on A to B but … buccaneer slangs and meaning pdf She did indeed know how they were. Awful at the worst of times, and at the best, still difficult. She tried to burn up the bathroom of the trailer and Kershaw was inside it. The Bureau always wanted agents to interview subjects separately, but Becker had realized long ago that the guideline was often wrong. how to open a 2019 jeep cherokee trunk from the inside Indeed the dragon was-had always been-beautiful. All moral considerations aside it was a shame, really. Like a magnet the dragon drew his horrified, fascinated gaze. Cautiously he stretched out his potentia.

He wondered if she knew how absurdly hard it was to locate anything within the jungle. But then again, that was the least of their problems. A group of quartz objects our intrepid explorer claimed to see during a Chollokwan rain-calling ceremony. fresh beat band of spies mummy mayhem Python pandas 模块,to_numeric() 实例源码 我们从Python开源项目中,提取了以下50个代码示例,用于说明如何使用 col_metadata. index = full_df. iloc [0, col_metadata_col_inds] # Create columns from the first column of full_df (before rids start) . columns spyker laviolette for sale Her attention was captured by a snakeskin handbag. Three black silk-satin loveseats formed a triangle in front of a gilt-framed triple mirror. Behind the loveseats, on a black marble pedestal, was a porcelain vase filled with fashionable flowers that looked like sex toys and bath brushes. alex zedra trump Soult has such strength in reserve he could drive us into the sea at a stroke if he wished to. How much fight was there left in them.

The look on her face told me she wanted to say more. It was just that I had my game face on and it was hard to be sociable. I looked her in the eye and touched her on the arm as I walked past. From the coffee machine outside her door she could hear the sound of a plastic cup dropping down and the loud whine as it was filled with that wretched instant machine coffee. She looked sadly at the mug of cold tea. The very thought of coffee almost made her throw up at the moment. It just stood there and went cold, every time. If a man looks you straight in the eyes when he tells you something, it means one of two things. He called me his punk, he called me his wife-and he used me like his whore. He threatened to snap my head off, and he would have, anyw ere else he would have. He kills them again, every night. I could find a record of only two of the killings, but he talked about dozens of them.

I would not wish you to think for even a moment that we were living in fear of your discovering us. So I give you our city of operations ahead of time, secure in the knowledge that there is not a damned thing you can do to deter us. I would think that president would be more appropriate. But he has too much he has yet to learn, including," he said ruefully, "the name of this country. But that is neither here nor there. He knew exactly who Martinsson ought to talk to in order to get information about all that. But the question was: would that person be willing to talk. The television is on, its flickering screen relieving the darkness. The previous evening she had both texted and rung him. But everything is arranged the way she wants it to be. She is busy with work and has no time to talk. trinity book pdf I descended to the sidewalk and handed the driver all the change that I possessed. As I fitted a key into the door I could hear him muttering: "Craziest drunk I ever seen. I stood at the foot of the stairs and shouted. I waited for perhaps ten seconds, but not a sound came from the room above. Perhaps I had better not - great God, what was that. There was no mistaking the sounds.

He could not help but shiver, however, at the remembrance of that first Christmas, and how much easier their ordeal would have been if it had not been snowing. He had been so much younger then, his blood not yet thinned by the climate of the east. Nor did he believe the Admiralty would wish it. He would have to send aboard two dozen marines at least. msi steelseries keyboard driver I could feel my heart hammering in my chest. It had to be at least a hundred and fifty beats a minute. I could feel sweat pouring out of my body, and every inch of me tingled in pins and needles discomfort. My hands were clenched into shaking fists. It was one thing to have one of our own killed in action.

His words were alien, but the meaning was unmissable. How many times have we seen ten Turks lure us to battle, only to become a hundred. The bear was one of the few good things salvaged from her old life. She relived every insult, every indignity, every leering pep talk from Vito. Her anger had burned away soft feelings. She wanted hot, hateful revenge on the man who ruined her peaceful life. He ordered around high-priced lawyers like pinstriped lackeys. There was no way she could get near him. gtx 1650 custom resolution He heard it again, but now it was more like one of the many sounds that an old house makes. Christian slowly climbed a few more steps to reach the next floor. The only sound was his own breathing. The techs from the police had made things even worse, with black spots from the fingerprint powder now covering the whole room. He sat down in the middle of the floor, facing the words written on the wall. At first glance, the paint still looked like blood.

Darmus had wanted a different life, she considered, watching the dancers on the crowded floor. If he were twenty years older and not gay. He helped him with Feed America, too. Sam, you and Steve know what he looks like. He knows what Darmus looks like, too. I tried to grasp his hands to apply a wristlock, but there was nothing there. He crushed me against the wall with brute force, pushing me through a layer of drywall. There was a frigid weight pushing against my chest as I swung my forearm through it in vain. The darkness swirled around my arm like smoke, and the pressure increased on my lungs, making it impossible to breathe. My back slid up the wall and I left the ground. steam vr reset seated position 2020 I had been ready to shoot Grant with it, but that was too long of a story. Now that it looked like he was just another emotionally deranged Hunter, I was back to square one. And quit stalling, I need to see Dad.

This was a man, a fellow Hunter, and I had no clue what I was doing. I think…I picked this up from the Old Ones somehow. That was the beauty of working with former Hunters-very flexible minds. The void had no boundaries, no beginning, no end. Rik raised an eyebrow at her understatement. Something in his tone told Rik that he was hardly surprised. He was starting to suspect the Lieutenant of having a sardonic sense of humour. react draw rectangle In it Zindel asks for Isak Krekula to be released from his contract with the Kiruna mine concerning four lorries for transporting iron ore, so that they could be used by the German army in Finnish Lapland. A haulage firm was a lucrative business during the war.

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They were following him to see who he was, what he would do, which meant they were still in doubt. Which meant he was still all right. Watching his mirror, he made a turn, and then another as soon as he could, and turned off his headlights so that he was driving by his parking lights alone. It was the Caprice they were after, not him. The car was clean of prints except for the ones he had put on the door handle, the steering wheel, and the gearshift this evening. zebra android app Helen knew her attendance looked odd. She was getting an uneasy feeling about her boss. She took off her coat and flopped into a pink chair. I started to instinctively reach for the wheel as we began to hydroplane. Every love-starved housewife out there started thinking of them as tragic homoerotic Fabio-looking things. Storm is getting too bad to fly-even for Skip.

I was far from our camp on the walls, and soon the light would dissolve into shadow. I did not know whether I had left the realm of the Tafurs or not, but it had been terrible enough in daylight. By night, it must have been beyond imagining. I would go back to Anna, though I dared not think what I would say. I tried to remember the bearing and tread a straight path, but that was impossible: this quarter of the city was so tangled that I could barely walk fifty paces before I was spun around a corner, or found the road blocked. The hazy shadows deepened, the houses melted together, and my pace grew ever more hesitant. reporting statistics in apa style 7th edition Even the dogs that roamed around the post were gone. The Mexican was sprawled outside the door to his adobe, facedown in the sand. A few silver coins were spilling out of his outstretched right hand and in his left he held an ornate crucifix. Blue flies buzzed around the bullet wounds in his back. The man had died in the act of raising a canteen to his mouth and his eyes were still wide-open, staring intently into nothingness. At least, not when the task demanded living this kind of life. Kitchen lackey in the palace, slaving and scurrying and hiding, snatching up whatever crumbs of useful information fell in his path and feeding them back to Sir Alec.

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McCarter bent to examine it, but Susan beckoned him to follow. And then she led them to a pile of debris where part of one wall and the ceiling had collapsed. A figure lay there, half-buried in the rubble, partially hidden by the piles of rock. In the gray darkness it appeared to be the body of a child, but as the lights converged on the remains it became clear that it was something else. The legs and pelvis had been separated from the torso and whatever meat or flesh it once carried had long ago succumbed to decay. dc essentials red hood sf parking permit The feathered plume had long since turned to dust. A tear appeared in the solid rock and light seeped through the crack. And what was the sorcerer up to that would soon return him to the favour of the Dark Empress. Rik was willing to bet it was nothing good or healthy to the cause of Talorea. The First are dying or going mad. The reins of power in the Terrarch lands will soon shift to younger hands.

No trace of any device or substance used in any of the bombings. Kramer was the sixth bombing, as I recall. We had harassed the Klan and infiltrated to a point where they were afraid to move, then all of a sudden another war erupted and bombs were falling everywhere. We listened where we were supposed to listen. We twisted familiar arms until they broke. how to build lpda antenna 2020-12-28 · ame, を連結(結合)()関数の使い方について説明する。 — pandas 0.22.0 documentation ここでは以下の内容について説明する。()の基本的な使い方連結するオブジェクトを指定: 引数objs連結方向(縦・横)の指定: 引数axis連結方法(外部結合 miami art gallery submissions Ordinarily he was not troubled by it, but in the face of a potentially hostile multitude, he was not inclined to humour him long. You shall have it in writing if that is what troubles you. Some of his blood drifted upward, caught in the pull of the artifact. The droplets disappeared into the mighty sphere. When I get mad, when I lose control, people get hurt. I tasted the foul blood in my mouth just as Lord Machado had tasted the copper in his own five hundred years before… What had I done. The priestess stood at the opposite end of the pyramid.

As to the spies, we will see what your prisoners can tell us of that. Perhaps when you reach your manhood you will understand. All they will bring you is five more mouths that you can ill afford to feed. Leave them with me, and I will see they are treated according to the laws of Christ. abrams capital management investor letter 2 days ago · Often you may want to collapse two or multiple columns in a Pandas data frame into one column. For example, you may have a data frame with data for each year as columns and you might want to get a new column which summarizes multiple columns. One may need to have flexibility of collapsing columns of interest into one. excel solver evolutionary vs grg nonlinear And I do believe that I have devised a way of gaining the goodwill of the young footman, Jack. She had discovered that there was hardly one of them who was not hiding a secret. At his side sat Mrs Harris, cheerfully relating some tale which required her to fold her napkin about and about in explanation. The ones the people he loved kept making, showing him he had the capability to feel even more than he believed. William ran to them, bursting to share his success. Sometimes that loyalty was misdirected, given to those who did not deserve it, but it was never false, and never for sale.

Nothing else would have mattered to you but his safety. You wished to protect her because you felt such a strong affinity with her. netherlands server ip minecraft alleman box arm magic trick explained He cantered to Stryker and saluted. The rancheria was abandoned, everyone gone. He leaned over in the saddle, shot out his booted foot and knocked the red-haired man off his horse. He stayed where he was and cursed viciously at Hogg. In memory of everyone, et cetera. Ringmar called as he was about to turn off the lights for the night. He dreamed of many things, none of them pleasant. He wished he had her voice recorded on tape. It shone with a dreadfully strong light, as though from within itself. He pulled up the blinds a little bit and saw half the sea.

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It was pretty amazing what happened with Warner, huh. She got on-line and ordered two more shipments. The owner was interested in adding flower boxes to the upstairs deck. It was outside, in the shadow of the Hearst building. Not many people were eating out there in the cooler weather, but Peggy could imagine colorful boxes during the warmer parts of the year. free online medication administration course I cannot think of any man of our acquaintance who I would consider a less likely candidate to win your affections. Gardiner tried to say something of it to you, but you disbelieved him. What do you plan to tell your mother. Lizzy, you have given me a great deal to think about, and perhaps we can discuss this further when I have had the opportunity to do so. grain drill for sale georgia Dyce could see him clearly as the driver descended and removed his cap, wiping his forehead with his sleeve. Dyce struggled with the sounds that wanted to come out of his throat, beckoned by the perfect look of the boy. The boy was thin like Dysen, and the sharp bones pressed against his skin so hard it looked as if it would be painful just to wear his face. With the cap off, his ears stuck out from his head.

Astrid, as the most likely suspect, had established her alibi. Meanwhile, Gayle did the dirty work. Sanna went over to the large pieces of furniture that covered one entire wall and methodically went through them. Everything that belonged to Christian ended up tossed on the floor. Finally only her own dresses and other clothing were left. She sank down on to the bed and ran her hand over the coverlet that her grandmother had stitched. compute normals point cloud python He had high hopes of Sanchez, but there was a difference between hope and desperation. The French abandoned them as they did everything else. In truth we made a fearful thing of it.

Thanks for letting me share my dream house with you. This man was too good to be true. At seventy-six, Margery had legs most women would envy. Albert the one with the stick up his ass. Well, love had happened last night. How can they do this to a sweet, sensitive woman. new scammer pictures 2019 Searchlights stabbed the cloudy night sky, illuminating the armed airships as they ceaselessly prowled. His own harsh breathing filled his ears. You and your friends at the doomed UMN. She looked up from blacking the cooking range as he strode into the kitchen. She had no business being a princess. But the snake, its point made, slithered into a cluster of boulders shot through with bunchgrass and disappeared. Judging by the closeness of the walls in some places, parts of it were so narrow a wide-shouldered man would have been forced to turn sideways to get through. A few moments later there was a thud of hooves as spooked cattle ran in panic along the sandy bottom. Luke had been right-it was actually working. He was scraped and bruised all over from climbing, and his knees and elbows were bleeding from cactus spines.

The little girl face studied her. There are two sides to you, human. Burning hot or freezing cold and somewhere in the middle innocence dies. Now the doppelganger was an older man with wispy hair and the flushed face of a terminal alcoholic. The creature coughed and wheezed, writhing against the duct tape, like the old man was having a heart attack. bash web scraping texas crappie forum As startled as Tee, no doubt, but too cool to give himself away. He wasted no time once in the terminal, lifting the proprietor by the armpits and propelling him to the board with keys dangling from hooks. The roads through this flat section were long and straight, with few turnoffs, and if the Valiant had been trying to elude pursuit, it would have had to speed, but the car was fairly dawdling along. He had seen him for but a second, at a distance, in a moving car, wearing a beard. Indeed, Hervey counted him a most sensible, as well as most agreeable, companion. Dom Mateo knew his own mind, too, and that mind was capable of its own thoughts. Hervey, at last managing to collect his mare, would now share with him his own. You mean the business of seeing the other side of the hill. It must be the first object of every commander. I have argued for a forward strategy, but to no avail.

The news report ended on the high note that the heroic General Sabah had personally assured the destruction of the Zionist backed criminals, and all the workers went back to their cheap food. Tired of waiting for the Fat Man, and feeling the need to keep busy, we had continued our search for Dead Six. It had been just as fruitless as before. Zubara was a big city, and nobody we talked to recognized the Americans of Dead Six. Today she was playing a relatively convincing imported Filipina. destiny 2 exotic sound effect IO工具(文本,CSV,HDF5,…)pandas的I/O API是一组read函数,_csv()函数。这类函数可以返回pandas对象。_csv(一样的对象方法。下面是一个方法列表,包含了这里面的所有readers函数和wr_来自Pandas pyqt signal emit None of his relatives will witness the execution. The questions were popping up everywhere, and he had things to do. Thank you," he said, and walked off the porch. He was led straight to the front office, where he found his welldressed brother laughing with Adam Hall. The doctor got up, nodding to the nurse. She could breathe normally without it hurting.

He ran to the centre of the line and waved his sabre. They turned tail and ran without a parting shot. Colonel Hervey, how would it look to your Duke of Wellington if you were killed at the head of a company of infantry. blitz modder apk reddit relax At the bridge a troop of Norman knights stood with brandished spears, stabbing back any who approached the barred gates, but they were little use. Peasants and knights swarmed up the steps to the walls above. Where the crowds were too thick, makeshift ladders had been leaned against the rampart, sagging under the weight pressed onto them. I remembered the scaling ladder that had snapped on the night we took the city, and chose the stairs. Looking up at the hordes clustered on the walls, it seemed impossible that there could be room for any others, yet still we pressed on up the steps. Even in my shattered state I trembled, for here the full appetite of the fire was evident. Relative is only the word Miss Bevan chose to make, in order to hide his meaning from the others. Oh, Dido, how very clever you are. This is the message which she passed back to him.

We often considered sabotage, but that would have meant declaring war on our own country. After all it was Swedish customs officials and police officers and troops guarding the ports and depots, and supervising the transports. The Germans had far more problems in occupied Norway, with the local resistance movements and the inhospitable terrain, than in comparatively flat and so-called neutral Sweden. I mean, there were so many haulage contractors. But I do know that one of the haulage firm owners up here informed for the Germans. That put the wind up us, because a large part of our work was building up and servicing Kari. how to get rid of knots from shooting up lxc storage create zfs Turned her attention listlessly back to the television, feeling that, deep inside, she had become hardened. His place is a real bachelor pad. His mother Kerttu still changes the curtains for him. The woman was a bad news buffet, yet his father still cared deeply for her. Gerry guessed they were going to meet up with Bill Higgins, who was with the police stake out team on Fremont Street in old downtown. Why decide now to start stealing. They had passed the Wynn and its sister property, Encore, and the strip had started to turn seedy.

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Pliny called it Euphrosinum, saying it made a man merry and joyful. Many generations have brewed the tea to bring back good humor and happiness. It was also said to bring bravery. People still preserve the pretty blue flowers and candy them for cakes. His question was about the soup he was stirring. 2019-1-21 · Concatenate pandas objects along a particular axis with optional set logic along the other axes. Can also add a layer of hierarchical indexing on the concatenation axis, which may be useful if the labels are the same (or overlapping) on the passed axis number. msu faculty salary 2019 As though it was really his Reg talking. A few booming heartbeats later, the tingle intensified. He felt his muscles twitch in protest, and heat surge through him like a tide of boiling water. With an effort, Gerald uncramped his fingers. I thought you watched me only with intent to find fault. I am glad to see we are both improving in our understanding. He reached out and caught her hand, but instead of providing relief, her touch merely increased his desire. Remember that, having already lost my heart to you, I have nothing left to lose. Stirred even further by this encouragement, Darcy continued his exploration of her arched neck and the crevices of her shoulders with his lips until, unable to withstand his need any longer, he sought her mouth with his own. She shivered as his hand stroked down her back, and, arching her body against his, surrendered to the demands of his mouth.

He should put it back, he knew he should put it back. He shook his member but felt nothing, not a stirring. So in this post, we will explore various methods of renaming columns of a Pandas dataframe. Two ways of modifying column titles There are two main ways of altering column titles: 1.) the columns method and 2.) the rename method. Columns method If we have our labelled DataFrame already created, the simplest method for overwriting the column lake cle elum water level Buttercups grow there, and globe flowers and purple cranesbill in a haze of cow parsley. And forget-me-nots whisper along the edge. He heard the sharp intake of her breath, and felt the last of his control beginning to dissolve. Realizing how close she was coming to losing herself in his arms, she somehow forced herself to pull away. Unable to bring herself to look at his face, she turned away from him, and, with feelings of the deepest mortification for her behavior, covered her eyes with her hand. As they walked, she sought desperately for some comment to make light of the situation, but her thoughts were still too full of the sensation of his kisses.

It was bent in the middle and slippery from her blood. She swung the net as hard as she could and knocked her attacker off balance. He stumbled over the coiled hose and tumbled into the pool. Then he grabbed the pool net and dragged Helen in with him. The guy grabbed her and tried to pull her under. The man was stronger than Helen, but his old-lady shoes and long-sleeved dress weighed him down in the water. chunk base slime finder Waited to see if this would make him wake up. The fingers in his- my fingers- were long and thin and cool. Fingers used to playing with thaumaturgical fire. Searched for the shadbolt hiding within it like a lethally-honed knife sleeping silent in its sheath. Born with metaphysical talents few others would ever know. He was going to be putting his life on the line, and soon. Granted he was going to be doing something he had done before, breaking into a heavily guarded location, but he could not help but think he had never attempted a theft as daring as this one, or gone into a place so well protected.

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The other officers whispered that McNeil did the laundry himself-not his wife, who reportedly had stopped speaking to him years ago. Did you cover both sides of the river all the way to the reservoir like I told you. McNeil stared sullenly back at him, not giving an inch. It had settled back into its hole in the orchard after the water receded, and other bones were showing through the open tear in the plastic. Tee joined him and the two men gently moved the opening in the bag from one side to another, trying to get a full view of its contents. The little orchard of cultivated pines covered no more than a few acres within the woods. 2 days ago · So, to concatenate columns, we should have the same row indexes. In Pandas, the Series data structure is exactly designed to represent the columns and their combination forms the DataFrame data structure. Let us construct two Series and concatenate them as columns … last of us pc emulator reddit His compadres stopped what they were doing and looked and laughed. He lay on his back and rested his head on the slope, breathing hard. Something akin to guilt, and to grief, its bastard child, curled in his belly. Stryker wanted the man to despair at the manner and timing of his death. office 365 volume license key He waited for the security guard to walk away, then turned back to the two women. Paul shook his head and went to the front desk. The best way to keep someone quiet is to make them an accomplice. Bruce Lee made all of us masters of the martial arts.

They look at this stuff everyday. Somebody over there discovered the flaw, but instead of exposing it, he decided to use it to steal jackpots. His son was starting to sound like him. Well, we know of two machines which were ripped off. The first was by Karl Klinghoffer at the Gold Rush. Merging two columns in Pandas can be a tedious task if you don’t know the Pandas merging concept. You can easily merge two different data frames easily. But on two or more columns on the same data frame is of a different concept. In this entire post, you will learn how to merge two columns in Pandas using different approaches. concentra drug test procedure And the truth was more than she could bear. The more she heard, the weaker was her hold on the fragile lifeline that had been keeping her going. free mixing kits Not so much as a hint of Bibbie or Gerald. I know the Department is deeply grateful. Then he turned to Bibbie and bowed. I look forward to seeing you again soon. You must call me Twiggy when we are spared the rigours of public observances. And I shall call you Melly, just as that good chap Rupert does.

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Trust me, after what happened in the woods I made quite certain of that. As though he were a puppet and his strings had been cut. Now look into the sapphire, Gerald. The effort hurt him all the way to his bones. Against his will his gaze began drifting downwards. how to enable dual monitors in bios gigabyte You can switch off the tape recorder. Anna-Maria clicked off the tape recorder. Hordes of foreign tourists off to drive a dog team and spend the night on reindeer skins in the ice hotel at Jukkasjrvi jostled for space with rumpled businessmen returning home clutching their free fruit and newspapers. The murmur of voices, the synthetic ping as the signs lit up and went off overhead and the humming of the engines lulled her into a restless sleep. She slept for the whole journey. Then his legs gave way beneath him and he fell forward on his face, slobbering and moaning. His teeth were bared and saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth. I bent and seized him by the shoulders. He turned his head and snapped at my wrist. I was sick with horror, but I dared not release him for fear that he would destroy himself in a paroxysm of rage.

To the right was a door with the name of a trust company emblazoned in brass, and to the left was an adjoining hallway lined with doors to all kinds of enterprises. Next to the water fountain was a door to the stairway. kirkland disinfecting wipes scrubbing It was supposed to resemble watermelon slices, green outside, red inside, thick with black seeds. The slices were turned all different ways, connecting in a pattern that was probably difficult to make. She had a hard time just looking at it. how to program sony remote A sizzle, and a last pungent whiff of burning tobacco. Which begs the question, where were you. We were snooping around the Aframbigi and Graff embassies for clues. He could feel its residual miasma slickly, sickly, coating his potentia. On the hob, the kettle started to boil. Staring at the deceptively innocuous parcel on the table, he ignored its shrill singing.

The Inca did not have a method of writing or illustrating events like the Mayans, but photographs of the suit taken before its earlier theft from Spain show definite indications of a pictorial graphic system. The thieves will need the services of an expert to decode these glyphs. Interpretation of ancient pictographs is not exactly an overcrowded field. In this article, I will use examples to show you how to add columns to a dataframe in Pandas. There is more than one way of adding columns to a Pandas dataframe, let’s review the main approaches. Create a Dataframe As usual lets start by creating a dataframe. Create a simple dataframe with a dictionary of lists, and column names: name, age, city, country. # Creating simple dataframe # List brutal roasts During prohibition it was a speakeasy called the Bucket of Blood. Plenty of people have been plugged in that cave. He was flying back from the Coast one night when the plane disappeared from radar. But the theory includes the scenario that the deaths were the work of the same person. But I told you in Calico Rock that we always suspected Sam had help. Or perhaps Sam was merely a helper for John Doe. At any rate, when Sam screwed up and got caught, John Doe vanished. Remember, when Dogan testified his son had been missing for four months.

For years, Zubara was a reclusive Middle Eastern emirate, founded on the supposed site of some ancient port city. Without foreign investment, Zubara was unable to fully tap its natural resources, leaving the country much poorer than its neighbors. foxes afloat shaun But whenever I asked, he would draw back. It must have been something serious since he was too scared to tell me. I hope he is a considerate man and that he can find something to say, something meaningful. Please would you help me choose some music. Jon liked Madrugada more than anything else. Reilly grew scared that the joints of her fingers would snap. Is it all right if I just call you Bill. It takes a while for us to get to know each other, after all.

Since when did you ever want to reason anything out. It tasted salty and bitter, delicious. Everything, from the name of a murder victim and a murderer to eternal peace of mind. For the triumph of good over evil. A wind came in from the north and snatched a napkin from the table and took it down into the shaft below the balcony. garmin transducer splitter I can only say that had I accepted him, I would have missed something far deeper. It is vain of me, I know, to want to be more important to you than any other man could have been. Besides, even in the old days they were the preserve of the wealthy. A family vault or crypt was quite a status symbol.

She glanced at him, trying to read his meaning in his face, but he seemed to be studying the traffic with great curiosity. It was not what she wanted to say, but it seemed safer. She knew him well enough to know that she should never ask Becker a question unless she was prepared to deal with the truth. It amazed her that her contempt for men had seemed to increase in direct proportion to the amount of time she had lived without one. She had expected it to work the other way around, absence making the heart grow fonder and so forth. gravel frame set Becker guessed it was at least his fourth beer. Alan seemed just at that point of balance where the night could go either way. Alan clearly had decided it would go downhill. He wanted to be able to make a very exact entry in his journal this day. The gunners on the Cerro de Cascajal continued to pound away at the Second Division, although the regiments had long withdrawn behind the crest of the ridge again, save for the outposts. Why did Marshal Victor not attack. They have to do it with determination.

He had had the most time to imprint the map on his mind, and although by simply following the river any dragoon could have found the cut, he judged that he could lead them there quicker by swinging north-west across the common. It was moonlight to see well enough, and the treeless, marshy common ahead could hold few surprises. 2019-8-28 · Pandas 创建DataFrame,Pandas 数据帧(DataFrame)是二维数据结构,它包含一组有序的列,每列可以是不同的数据类型,DataFrame既有行索引,也有列索引,它可以看作是Series组成的字典,不过这些Series共用一个索引。 数据帧(DataFrame)的 pay band scale Aneta Djanali started to feel whole again. She listened to the orderly who spoke an exciting mixed language. She pointed at the wall and mumbled. In fact, he even sent me the album. Apparently, the two of you have some kind of chemistry that feeds on mutual animosity. The words hurt over my broken teeth and swollen tongue. My eyelids were matted closed with blood, and I could not force them open. I tried to reach a hand up to rub them, but my arms did not want to respond. All I could feel was horrible nerve-racking fire coming from my limbs. The moon has got to be nearing its zenith.

PANDAS 数据合并与重塑(concat …

He could tolerate a couple of hours with any woman, even a harpy, as long as a good portion of the time was spent in sexual activity. He had known some harpies who were rather good at it, as a matter of fact. wfg technical support With the duke it was admiration, respectful, cool. With Moore, after all these years, it was yet still difficult to fathom. The selfsame men who cheered him at Corunna had cursed every inch of the way. 2020 pinball machines But would not Dom Mateo, a brigadier-general, act on his own cognizance. Corporal Wainwright might have acted on his own initiative, too. But his coverman had no access to the telegraph or a courier (was the telegraph even working yet. The Spaniards might wish that he were not incarcerated at Badajoz, but that was not the same as wanting him let free with a story to tell in Lisbon, especially at such a difficult time in the affairs of their two countries. This was no time to stir John Bull when he might otherwise be content to doze. He turned, half rising, saw the same benevolent features of the day before, and of the day before that, and rested easy.

Facing an incomprehensible threat, his only instinct was to retreat from it. She planted her feet, folded her arms across her chest, and squinted with steely determination. She almost shouted at the monster, but it seemed unnecessarily dramatic. Its tongue darted out and wrapped around her arm. p star m jewelry mark I looked over at Tailor and nodded. Through hand signals, I told Tailor I was going to shoot Hosani from our current position. Hosani was only about fifty feet away, I could make the shot easily. mod 7 check digit The memory of that white powdered face was still intriguing her. Why should such a young woman paint her face so very thickly. Her attention was fixed upon the hallway just a few steps below, where a discourteous footman was now making way for a disdainful Lord Congreve and his companion. It slid most satisfactorily across the floor and came to rest just in front of the couple. And yet she was still like a little girl in the schoolroom endeavouring to fit together her map of Europe. She must ascertain from Silas exactly what it was that he had hinted at last night.

Hearing her gasp, the thought penetrated his passion-hazed mind that perhaps he had pushed her too quickly, but as her hands began their own delightful exploration, it became clear the only shock was one of intense pleasure. Elizabeth, stunned by the intimate sensation of his warm skin under her fingers, let her hands explore his back as she pressed herself against him, her body craving the pleasure only he could give her. His need for her grew as he felt her soft body against him, and, knowing he could wait no longer, he gave in to temptation and finally let his hands move upward and untied the drawstring of the last remaining impediment to his beloved Elizabeth. With his eyes he traced the lines of her beloved face, and thought how privileged he was to be able to wake up with such a bewitching woman beside him. His mind drifted to the events of the previous night, and he smiled to think of the delight they had found together, the intense pleasure he had taken in helping her to discover the surprises her body had in store for her. Her responsiveness had been everything he hoped for and more, and it was with the greatest of satisfaction that he recalled their explorations and how they led to the moment when her desire and pleasure had equaled his own. screen translator pc He says that when he was asked by the elders whether he still had faith in Thomas Sderberg, he asked for a day to think about it before he said yes. He wanted his decision to be firmly anchored in God. He hoped Rebecka understood that it was. Thomas cannot remain in the church if she is a member of the congregation, for then he will be constantly reminded of his sin. And everybody wants Thomas to stay. She immediately does what they want. open banking api example Leaning and smiling and chatting away like a teenager. She wished a gust of wind would come along and blow those carefully arranged remaining hairs atop his head into disarray. He was so vain about those silly, forlorn-looking white scraps that he composed so meticulously each morning. As if they hid any of his shiny scalp.

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  • Example 2: Concatenate two DataFrames with different columns. In this following example, we take two DataFrames. The second dataframe has a new column, and does not contain one of the column that first dataframe has. () function concatenates the two DataFrames and returns a new dataframe with the new columns as well.
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Sanna raised her hands to her mouth as an oncoming car tooted angrily at them. Rebecka was struck by the fact that they no longer seemed so big. When she used to live in the town, the offices had always been massive. 9th edition rules We contacted his daughter in Rock Hill. Until they get everything settled, the police will be the only ones talking to him. Maybe he has an alibi or something that can clear him. We sent it off to Atlanta to be identified. She usually hung around the shop most of Saturday, encouraging customers to stay for tea and conversation. hotel rules in vietnam Were they going to be marching up and down Spain again at the beck and call of the French, as they had with Moore. Three leagues in the day was as much as the infantry could manage. They had been hungry for a month. They were losing horses at a sorry rate, and mules even. Most of the officers had learned the hard way what served in the drill book and what did not. As a consequence, the Sixth had not lost as many horses as the rest on the march to Talavera, and looked a deal better in the saddle.

Through the centuries, the Colorado River flooded and carried enormous amounts of silt into the sea, eventually forming a delta and diking in the northern area of the sea. This buildup of silt left behind a large body of water that was later known as Lake Cahuilla, named, I believe, after the Indians who lived on its banks. As you travel around the foothills that rim the basin, you can still see the ancient waterline and find seashells scattered throughout the desert. A desperate dam operation stopped the flow, but not before enough water had flowed through to form the Salton Sea, with a surface eighty meters below sea level. “how to concatenate to columns in pandas” Code Answer . concatenating datfra,esin pandas . python by Lovely Lemur on Dec 07 2020 Donate shanin specter wife But it was the lash that saw to it all in the end. He wondered if Sir John Moore would have called them the finest. Not until the very end, at least. And the destruction at the castle of Benavente would ever stand in his memory as an affront to the name of men under discipline. anz egate woocommerce Hatcher is too sane to track the mad. Even without the lightning, he thought he could almost discern the movement under the roof on the C section of flooring, something flapping, like the wing of a huge moth. But he could not be sure if he really saw it or simply willed it. Willed it because he wanted it to be there, he thought. I want Dyce as badly as I have wanted any of them. Running from it, hiding away in Clamden had done no good.

Sodden uniform and equipment, Hervey supposed. And do you know why he was such a weight. gsat pinoy The ground itself seemed to tremble with the impact. I lifted my sword, fearing he might spring on me, and he might well have done if something else had not happened then. They were soldiers, the first I had seen since entering the city. Their scale armour was badly torn, and their faces were black with soot. why do i miss my awful ex Nonchalant on the surface, but terrified underneath. She was staring right at him, her eyes full of love. Feeling it, many of the captive wizards and witches cried out. The other Gerald shouted, a raw, shocking sound of triumph, his potentia shuddering-and then he started to recite the incant for his planned mass shadbolting. Unleashed his own tarnished potentia, lashing out at the other Gerald to throw him off stride and disrupt his shadbolt incant. Shaking with fury, he pointed at Monk and snapped his fingers.

For those times, a cigarette was the perfect thing to stick in your mouth. An investigation was like running a race. The only thing they had in common was the finish line. It was Fred Friendly, the head of ESD. It was also a time warp, and was designed like a wheel. A person could not walk through the main floor without passing through that wheel, and hopefully, stopping at a table and wagering a few dollars. saco river fishing report Not after what Helen saw last night. Astrid, as the most likely suspect, had established her alibi. Meanwhile, Gayle did the dirty work. Helen had talked about it and asked for the weekend off. water snakes in ontario To his surprise, he found that he had passed it each time he had come and gone from Hounslow, but so high was the wall that there was no clue to what lay beyond. After not too long a time, an oldish man answered. He held a trowel in one hand, and he stooped, but he evidently possessed the authority to admit callers, since Hervey had given but his rank and name before one of the gates was opened to him.

More often he felt only black despair. And but for the grace of God and the love of his sister, and the fellowship of the Sixth, it might have been year after year. Henrietta was a dimmer memory now, but a memory nevertheless, and a memory that often rebuked him. 2018-11-27 · 目前机器学习与气象数据的结合已经在实际生产中有了应用,比如风电场风功率预测、光伏功率预测和负荷预测。本文以风功率预测作为一个小栗子: 风功率预测是指以风电场的历史功率、历史风速、地形地貌、数值天气预报、风电机组运行状态等数据建立风电场输出功率的预测模型,以风速 specialized sirrus vs sirrus sport Maybe they could avoid any other unpleasant surprises. The lights had been on for an hour already with the early fall twilight. She saw Emil and Sofia locking up for the night and hurried out to catch them. best jeep cherokee xj fender flares The leading Turks were on the river bank, looking down on him. Panicking, he tried to kick free of his stirrups, but it was too late. An arrow buried itself in his back and he jerked up like a puppet.