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25 January 2021 - You have frequently done my duty for me, and never once have you seemed to resent it or to try to obtain recognition. You are a most excellent fellow, Hervey, and an officer with the most marked ability I ever saw. I shall tell my successor so, when he is named that is, and I trust you and he will see the regiment proper proud. But I have learned much from you, I do assure you. It would be a rum thing to fall in Portugal now after all those years in the Peninsula without a scratch. disp code exp Jun 18, 2019 azure scenario based interview questions Her breasts looked plenty perky to Helen, and she said so. I think they are a little droopy. Why would you do that to yourself. car duplication glitch gta 5 online So that winter there was nonstop shuttle traffic between the north of Sweden and the Eastern front. The contract was approved by the Foreign Ministry and the Swedish government.

He had never known Peto to drink Marsala except of an evening, and alone with a book. She said last night she had never tasted it. He was, indeed, fretting somewhat at the missed opportunity. He had written to Elizabeth at some length the night before, his intention being that Rebecca Codrington take the letter ashore when he put her off for Malta, whence it could travel with the next ship for England. QR codes are supposed to make life easier, but having to install potentially shady third-party apps just to scan one is more trouble than its worth. Thankfully, theres a QR code reader built into all Google Pixels, but you wouldnt know it unless you stumbled across the feature. kbd65 pcb hot swap Driving at a normal speed, he took the approach road, his eyes taking in every detail as he drove past the Cohen farm and off into the distance. He had not seen much but it would be enough to orient himself when he returned by night. The cloud cover was now so thick that it was already prematurely dark, as if dusk had come two hours early. j85 engine aircraft Its massive wings, folded neatly against its breathing sides, were crimson. Its eyes, the size of soccer balls, were a fathomless and glowing black.

But then, after six months, then four months, then two, he would do it again. He made a casserole of canned beans and spinach and garlic that he could practically feel scouring out his veins and arteries of any offending plaque. Not from stupidity but from impatience. He knew them backwards and forwards. He could calculate the chances of dying in a hurricane in a wood frame house as opposed to a brick house. how to play with friends on pavlov quest She would advise speaking with him, but how, and where. Darcy stood before her, and, taking his handkerchief, he began to gently dry her tears. I hold Georgiana to a standard I cannot meet, and no longer even want to meet, and it is not fair to her. Part of your appeal for me has always been your willingness to flout certain rules, and I would not have you alter that for the world. The truth is, it is past time for me to confess one of my greatest failings to you, and I can only hope for your understanding and acceptance. handloader magazine pdf There were quick shots of him darting into various doors of the courthouse. Sam had aged gracefully in the thirteen years since trial number two. The hair was still short and neat, but half gray now.

If he had, he might have actually become allies with Modred, instead of ending up facing his son in battle several months later. He let Modred go, electing to stare into the steam, and so the future was allowed to run its course, which was remarkably similar to the past. She tossed her head, smoothing out the damp strawberry-blond hair which she had permitted to grow to shoulder length because that was the way He liked it. But the more the Lord spoke to him, the greater his claims grew. He said the time to reveal himself had not yet come. I took the knife from his throat and stepped back, though not so far that he could hope to escape me. He will take his crown from his head and place it on the cross, and stretching out his hands to heaven he will hand over the kingdom of the Christians to God the Father. Was it another thing revealed in his dreams. And how else would he have known what it said. how to make gpu usage 100 She wore a matching polka-dot shorts set. All those white dots were making Helen dizzy. Ever heard of anything like this. They plan to cheat the government and pay me in cash under the counter.

They were sitting side by side in a row eight long. Next to each skull, like a hyphen separating it from its neighbor, was a small stone. A twelve-inch ruler included in the photos to give perspective still lay between a pair of thigh bones. I have sentimental reasons for that. He looked at the Terrarch standing in front of him, wondering what to say. crimson trace laser sight for walther ppq They toiled up several flights of an extraordinary switchback stairway decorated with mosaics of winged humans set in stone, designs Shannon had never seen before. On the upper landing, beyond a great arched entrance, they entered a high-ceilinged room with geometric motifs cut into the stone walls. The center of the floor was crammed with intricately carved stone sculptures of every size and description. Ceramic effigy jars and elegant ornately painted vessels were stacked in chambers leading off the main room.

She could not help but wonder what he was about and it became a kind of game with her to guess in which box she would detect him next. And yet, she assured herself, it was an idea based entirely upon reason, facts and observation. Indeed it was only by pressing herself against him that she could save herself from being carried away by a careless troop of passing gentlemen. She seized upon this moment of jostling intimacy. His marriage ended unhappily some years ago. He had been bracing himself for days in the expectation of having to find more troops for Ireland. Few in his place would have expressed themselves content, even knowing how damnably in want of men I am at this time. I would that the duke hastened his Relief bill and have done with the business. fedora change screen orientation Hervey grasped the essentials well enough. And Pampata appeared perfectly at ease and in no measure fearful. Those two will come again to see Shaka this evening, to hear the despatches from the armies. I believe they will do him harm.

Why not go to the police and get your face on television and in the papers. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck rise when she read that he wanted her attention. No single woman living alone wanted to think some strange man was out there stalking her. If he had information about the poisoning case, she felt duty bound to pursue what he knew. She sat and stared at the screen for a long time, trying to decide what to do. A rudimentary porch had been built out of scrap lumber. A recliner and a big faded couch were on the porch, and a fat, greasy dog was sleeping on the cushions. Heavy black flies landed on us to check if we were edible. desert sasquatch Hectic spots of colour burned in her pale, sunken cheeks. A danger to everything you and I have been working towards.

There had been a flood, that was all. And now, even at the height of his anger with himself, he realized that what had just happened with Denise was not a mistake but a great triumph. Luv had been in the grip of his demon, the mania was fully upon him-and he had resisted. Luv was the king, even of himself. He was exultant, for he now knew in a way he had never fully realized before that he was the complete master. Sarah gave me one last defiant look before leaving. I was interrogating Communists when your mommy gave your daddy the clap for the first time. barkley drt scores Dido paused, for here perhaps was the greatest mystery of the household. She had noticed something that she should have noticed long ago. There was something wrong about the way my lady was dressed.

Buried memories thrust themselves unwanted to the surface. Everything hurt, but the worst of the pain was in his head, behind his eyes, where it threatened to shatter his skull. The small, bare room spun wildly around him. There was blood in his mouth, metallically tangy. Sir Alec was watching and he had to prove his superior wrong. It drained into basements and spread across lawns, creeping up to the highlands many feet above the rivers, eating under roadbeds until the pavement buckled, then caved into potholes. Water surged over the sheared bank, climbing acquisitively up the slope that led to the trees, devouring more land with every day, splashing around the base of the nethermost trees, invading soil already sodden. The swollen stream carried it to the Saugatuck River, whose waters were already cluttered with debris from the floods. premiere pro plugins free She turned and moved lazily across the room to the tall mirrors. He sat slumped in the chair beside his dressing-room door, pressing his fingers into his eyes.

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He found a tea towel on a hook and made a small nest in the cake tin. Then he carefully placed the kitten inside it. For a while he admired the little animal, which had now quenched its thirst and settled down. span count in grid layout And when he turned back to me, the look on his face was like death. This man came and spoke to Mr Montague as he was standing in the dance. But the man did not say anything. I was watching his face all the time. I mean you can hear a voice you love when any other would be lost to you. As if he had not expected the man to be there, but was pleased to see him nonetheless. Psychically exhausted, he considered sending the one he served an e-mail with the update, but they had agreed on electronic and psychic silence. As a result, Henry remained hooked up to multiple devices, his body supine on a hospital bed inside a large chamber of sterile glass, his ruined voice issuing via a speaker. However, the fire had done nothing to his mind, and they were Psy.

Those that you… love"-she spit the word out in distaste-"will be spared, and allowed to live forever. You and yours will prosper for eternity. Your every desire will be granted. All you have to do is wish for it. I knew that she was telling the truth. sarasota missing persons 2020 It was only then that the elemental cold filled the vacant space inside her. In exchange for our worship, the dragon grants her followers magical gifts. Of course, someone would need to carry it within striking distance of the dragon. Pretty much nothing can penetrate it. But this armor is made of prayer. One monk does nothing but pray for the helmet, another prays for the greaves, another guy prays for the shoulder pads, and so on. Sardec realised that he was smiling at the memory of last night, and wiped it away. Soon, he thought, he would need to have all his wits about him. For all his practise, he was an indifferent shot with his left hand. Sardec felt a feeling of comradeship for him at that moment, the like of which he had never felt before. Jazeray had agreed to be his second because the honour of the regiment demanded it.

As a VIP, I knew that I would be spared such indignities. Without hesitation, I put my right thumb on the window. It was a relatively new technology, and the single, tiny piece of etched, synthetic flesh glued to my hand had cost a ton, and just to be on the safe side, I was wearing one on each finger. Micro engraved with preprogrammed whirls and ridges, it was the most practical way to fool a fingerprint machine. A single bead of sweat rolled down my back. pyar kaise kare Two minutes was all it took to relocate the site. The bony hand was still raised, one finger pointing in the direction where Miller had lain. He felt his every movement was followed from deep within the empty eye sockets of the skull. The teeth seemed frozen in a mocking grin, taunting and baiting him at the same time. The sunlight from above filtered through the slime and painted the bones a ghostly shade of green. But one half of his name only was given me, which is why I did not make the connection. He was fearful eager to join my party.

A bathroom, maybe a kitchen, a laundry room, anywhere there was a tap and a drain. They develop their favorites, you know. They like to do things in the same way, once they perfect their rituals. None of them were too particular about their roots. factorio rocket Normally a moment of tremendous exaltation, this time it had become even more. Once again the audience had remained as still as death during the abbreviated second break. Still, one of the sweetest sections was yet to come. Catheryn glanced at the concertmaster as they proceeded with the sentimental inclusion. The violinist looked back, pleasure shining in his eyes. He had no idea of knowing whether this was true, and no way of checking it. If this was a way of manipulating him, of keeping him dependent on her, it was a very good one. The smile she gave him held an odd mixture of defiance and sadness and complicity and self-pity. I have made many mistakes in my life, Rik, sometimes catastrophic ones, and I have learned that doing things quickly for no reason other than fear has often led to the worst of them. You have great gifts in you, and they need not be put to evil use. If your talents can be developed as I think they can, you could be a great asset to us in the coming war.

They designated the poor girl Ms. And yes, Z, I have met your dad. The Englishman had said Harbinger was a liar and a murderer. clinica hispana houston tx Reached out for the pile of letters to Mildred that Fred Olsson had sorted out and thought might be of interest. My husband needs a peaceful working life. Do you want me to beg on my knees. You are working with groups and organizations whose SOLE aim is to work against him. Go back and get her up against a wall. Anna-Maria was leaning against the door with her arms folded. On the bare white wall hung the usual row of labelled bells by which servants were summoned to the front of the house, and at one end of the lobby was the door which led into the main hall. Her cheeks glowed and her eyes shone. The sounds of the kitchen echoed about the bare walls: the rattle of wooden pails on stone flags, the scrubbing of a table and the raking of coals. She wished he would not look at her so very intently. A score of evasions ran through her mind, but she put them aside.

We can talk in the conference room. Today she wore only a little lipstick. Her skin was acnescarred, the occupational hazard of stage makeup. That was a nice bit with the lace handkerchief. This interview and an energy bar were her lunch. fast and loud cast member dies Then he was gone, lifted off the ground and swept on by the relentless drive of the knights. He must have been dragged fifty yards before the Norman pulled free his lance. I leaned my head on the corpse behind me, and shut my eyes. Many invoked Christ: had He not sent us His lance, they asked. Some who had fought on the western extremity of the battle swore that at its height three white riders had appeared in the hills and charged home against the Turks, and it was commonly agreed that these three had been the warrior saints: George, Mercurios, and Demetrios my namesake. Our friend Calvin is nothing less than a god, and his merest touch will reveal the glorious future awaiting all of us in this room. He was supposed to be inscrutable, an unknowable force. A charge passed from Calvin to the gray-haired man.

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The baby was lying in the pram, with the mosquito netting firmly in place so that no insects could get in. He forced himself to think about the frosty beer glasses and the friends who had raised those glasses in a toast, in honour of summer and love and the two of them. He thought about the strawberries that she brought out in a big bowl. Little dark spots appeared on the material from his tears, which he quickly wiped away on the sleeve of his shirt, not wanting to soil the dress, refusing to ruin what little he had left. It was all that remained of them. Google Assistant is a feature on the Google Pixel smartphone that will allow you to ask questions and get help. Some users love the feature, while others don’t like it so much. You can turn Google Assistant on or off using these steps. myspace profile search Giving up is what got me here in the first place. She decided to give him some space and hope he could deal with his problems. She answered his manic beating on her door. How was she going to explain this. Is there anyone who might have wanted to harm him. His whole posture signalled his unwillingness to continue with this topic.

Have to bag his hands, too, in case he fought his attacker. Who would murder an old dude like that. A lot better than Detective Jax. Gilbert had nice hazel eyes and luxuriant light brown hair. The kind you could run your fingers through, except she was keeping her hands to herself these days. She could go for Detective Gilbert. Jul 27, 2018 asus eee pc bios She looked at the other symbols-the big sad face, the dashes and swirls of the glyphs around it and the angry crocodilelike head with its bloody meal. The exposed tree roots and steep incline of the vertical walls suggest the pit to be quite a recent excavation. She wondered if their adversary had somehow gotten here before them. And almost without regard for the relics it uncovered. Gradually the panic over the missing five minutes died down, and people, being people, moved past it. Cults were formed, wars were started, nut cases blew stuff up, books were written, theories published, and everyone came away with their own interpretation of the events. As for MHI, we just kept our big mouths shut. The compound had been decorated and looked pretty festive for a paramilitary fortress hidden in the backwoods.

He speaks constantly, sees everything and says nothing. To my alarm, I saw a Fatimid courtier striding towards us, with Nikephoros close behind him. Nov 07, 2017 679 cover girl While none of the hypotheses made any sense, the result was incontrovertible. She jumped up and fumbled around for her slippers. With her glasses in one hand, she ran down the broad spiral staircase that led to the ground floor. John had frequently complained about the quirks and problems of living in a big, rambling house from the turn of the century. Upkeep was ridiculous and sometimes improbable. He was wearing a vest under a knitted cardigan. A pair of black trousers, very shiny at the rear, held up by braces. She could not suppress the feeling that she did not want to put anything in her mouth that he had touched. When had he last washed his hands. She shuddered at the thought that the fingers he had used to hold his false teeth had also been in contact with the bread and whatever he had put into the sandwich.

He caught a glimpse of the sea, but it was empty too, rolling in toward the end of the season. Not even on the bottom of the sea. Are you calling because you want affirmation. Are you going to take out an ad in the paper. The sea rolled gently and heavily like before. He got out of the car, left it in the stand of trees. Oct 08, 2018 dtmf wav files He does not require that you move to join him at this time, however. He nodded slowly, as if still contemplating the intelligence. His wife, Cindi, had slept as lightly as a cat, often waking if he so much as tossed in bed. Often he would come joltingly awake as he had just now, doing nothing more than opening his eyes, and her warm hand would slide across his chest to comfort him. As if she were connected to him in some psychic way that he could not understand. Becker tried to shake off the thought.

The ebony casket rocked backward, but righted itself. Try wearing that hairdo to the Langley School PTA. Mindy took advantage of her hesitation. She punched Helen hard in the right breast. The pain was so bad, Helen fell backward on the floor, gasping. Then, wobbly as a newborn colt, she stood. Retrieve data from Android phone that is dead, that won’t turn on, that bootloop, got stuck in recovery mode, that is ROM flashed or rooted. Recover data from bricked Android phone’s internal memory as well as external SD card. diy antenna tower With his belt and zipper undone she pressed her lips against his again, then, frantically, attacked his mouth with her tongue. Becker knew, but another way of crying out in pain. She writhed against him, impatient, struggling, and the sour smell of her fear-sweat rose up strongly. She thrust harder than he did, growling low in her throat and grunting with every effort as they hammered at each other. He turned his face to the rain, mouth open, glorying in its coolness. The oak leaves traced shifting, lacy patterns against the angry sky and he studied them for long moments, wondering at their fragile beauty. The bolt stabbed out of the sky like a column of living fire, briefly enveloping both men. They stood like statues bathed in terrible light for an instant, then were blasted to the ground.


She too had remained silent after she heard what she needed to know about the circumstances. There was only one way that Cia would interpret seeing a police car driving up to her house. Leaning on them, she headed for the kitchen, where they set her down on a chair. Her eyes were glassy, and Patrik surmised that she was having a hard time collecting her thoughts. They came into the house without stopping to ring the bell. Nov 06, 2015NOTE: Some Pixel users have reported being locked out of their devices even though their pin codes are correct. This bug is primarily associated with the Pixel XL, though some Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 users have reported the same issue. So far, Google’s solution has been to perform a factory reset. signs he sexually attracted you Meanwhile, what am I supposed to do with this bit of information. What does Stanley expect me to do. It will be hard to look at him next time. Is there some reason you want me to be friends with Kom other than your natural compassion. It took years before you would talk about that with me. Becker thought of pointing out that by her own logic, she should also be fast friends with Tovah by now, but when she put her fingers on his body he thought better of it. norton campbell x reader lemon I feel things more deeply than others, he thought. I have a greater range of emotions and they move me to a greater degree. I feel things with the same sensitivity as the great musicians.

Nelson let go of me and surged toward Trip. Read your file, zombie attack survivor out of Florida. You were the school teacher who was forced to dispatch all his students with a sledgehammer. golden dawn pillars Googles Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 count on the fact that your hands wobble a bit when taking photos. That lets the camera figure out the true red, green and blue data for each element of the scene corsair 280x screws And now he found himself touched that she was wearing it, knowing she trusted him enough to do as he asked, at least this once. Disconcerted, he let his etheretic shield return to full strength. In fact, it made more sense for him or her to stay behind. In which case, should he invent a reason to go back. The uncertainty was going to give him an ulcer. I am not employed by his lordship to safekeep Lanruvian secrets. deloitte vs accenture levels Thongs and Thoreau were an unbeatable combination. The air seemed to glow with money.

Shot tore through the olive groves, flat and low. Hervey sat bolt upright, though barely awake. Two dragoons next to him threw up noisily. A ball hit a trooper square in the chest: the mare back-somersaulted twice before coming to rest stone dead with her legs rigid in the air. Another struck a gelding withers-high, carrying off the saddle but leaving the horse with its mane standing on end but otherwise unharmed. You must tell me how you did it. Recreate the same extraordinary linguistic achievements elsewhere. What kind of conversation are you going to get from an overgrown cat. Milk now, scratch my tummy, and somebody empty the damned litter tray. Swain gently grasped the head and tried to turn it clockwise. She tried the opposite direction, and the head rotated until it was facing backward. There was a noticeable click, and one side of the mirror came ajar and stopped a few centimeters from the wall.

Pain was an unfamiliar sensation for the ancient creature. It looked down at the hole in its chest, then opened its jaws and screamed. Suddenly, she saw what Hawker wanted her to see: a ghostly white halo surrounding the moon. Moisture in the air, diffusing the moonlight. You can feel the humidity on your skin. For the first time since the chaos had begun, she felt they might somehow actually survive. But during the latter stages, the Zipacna began to prowl around the clearing once again. They set off the perimeter alarms at least ten times, drawing small bursts of fire in each instance, but only twice did any of them attempt to enter the clearing, and neither foray got very far. how to act more girly Maybe Ratafia is being pressured to marry and the only way out is to sabotage her own wedding. And so what if Ratafia was sweet. Beneath the sweetness, the girl might well be a seething morass of bitter scheming. Look at Permelia Wycliffe, that so-called bastion of Ottish Pastry Guild respectability. As it turned out, the woman had been a bogtrotting nutter. Feeling like a leaf swept up in a windstorm, tossed hither and yon, at the mercy of so many powerful forces.

Winsor tell you when he was coming down. Do you have a date for the wedding. He must have mentioned it to you. Ask him why he forgot to tell you about this. When matter was organized to create this world, the artifact was already there. Cursed One is vain, full of pride, nobody can control time. Now I think he is so much twisted with evil and hate I not know. If you understand him, maybe you can stop. exhaust pipe size chart Solve problems of a thaumaturgical nature. We crossed paths after I got home from New Ottosland. Just like dominoes, worlds need to fall one at a time. With a blinding surge of power the tangle of warding hexes on the door deactivated, blowing them all back several paces. Crammed into a cage dangling from a tall stand, tail feathers sticking out through its bars, fluffed-up and miserable.

He gave Stella her head, and leaned as far forward in the saddle as the long stirrups allowed. He gave point right then left, not looking back, certain his sabre had done its work. But the Eighteenth commanded the ford, and just as at Sahagun, Frenchmen were drowning rather than yield. He galloped along the bank, desperate to take a prisoner. Or try to have a few words with him. Halders rubbed his eyes as they stood in the elevator. It seemed to stand still, unable to decide which way it should flow. Halders stared at the large windows. He could have been in there now, wandering in and out day in and day out. Maybe he was actually made for a different life, that life. sales process flowchart A friend of hers who worked at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania sent it to her last month. She put it in her indoor pond and was quickly rewarded with gorgeous dark green and purple leaves.

He could feel his potentia quivering, reacting to the incants sunk into the aged oak. Not dark magic this time, not exactly. Given time, I could make good use of it. That would solve a number of our problems. Burning at the stake is the penalty for such a killing. swiftui disable button I shall go and dress, meanwhile. And Peel would have the Irish in arms in no time. He shall be commander of the garrison or some such.

He zigzagged across paths and tracks and through small groves, but the small grey Shar Pei seemed to have vanished into thin air. He reached a building that looked like a barn, found the entrance, flung open the door and explained why he had come. Sejer looked inside and his heart sank because he knew he would never be able to find Frank among this multitude of dogs. They were all Shar Peis and they were all grey. How can I apply that, he wondered, what I have learned, my knowledge of grief and death. I could discover an explanation and give it to Yoo Van Chau, but that would not be enough. Ordinarily there was no check to their crossing, but this afternoon they had to take a good hold. Except the waggon next in line, whose occupant could not so easily be roofed over. In fact he had not seen the beast, live, before. free survey rewards Battle raged over their heads, gunfire and screaming. The air boomed and blossomed with scalding heat and raging sound. Too soon to tell where victory would belong. From the corner of his eye he caught sight of Monk, up on his elbows. The other Reg had hopped down beside him, her long beak still bound with ribbon the color of blood. Bloody hell, woman, where are you.

He leaned against the wall, puffing, watching in stoic silence. This was nothing personal, just part of the routine. Books, typewriter, fan, television, toiletries, clothing. They held the items as if they were contaminated and carried them to the Observation Cell. The mattress and bedding were rolled up and moved by a burly plainclothed guard who accidentally stepped on a dragging sheet and ripped it. Who, then, had taken care of her child. Had the child disappeared before Helene. the outsiders chapter 6 pdf The blade sliced the golden patterned scales. He slid to one side and stabbed again.

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But apparently it was quite sudden. He was really getting sick and tired of all the people who apparently had secrets that they refused to divulge. If everyone had been willing to cooperate, they probably would have solved this case long ago. belial offerings He was a murderer, a tyrant, a king of evil. We stood face to face as the vampire tried to pull me into the conflagration. I slammed him back into the altar, again and again, gaining in strength and velocity. I crushed his form into the ivory, pulverizing it into bits. The flames of the cane would not allow him to change form. The heavy blade struck true, and driven by my new strength, the hardened spine shattered on impact. Although it feels odd, reading a completely new Bible. You get used to your own, all the underlining and the notes. It might be really good to read new ways of putting things, and to have pages without any notes. All the cards and newspaper cuttings you put in it. And all the embarrassing places underlined in red, they give a lot away.

Hogg, I assure you, if you were a preaching man you would not be with this column. We can always swing by there and replenish our canteens on our way back to Fort Merit. If you have any reservations on that point, you may return immediately to Fort Merit. Juniper and mesquite grew at the base of its slopes, giving way to brush as the mountain climbed to its full height of almost eight thousand feet. Were the savages watching them even now, waiting until they came into rifle range. dark jon snow fanfiction Ray looked at me in shocked disbelief as I tore his heart into silver-laced confetti. He grabbed me by the throat, hoisted me into the air, and then slammed me back down with a roar. Julie was fighting, struggling against the iron-hard claws. Encase all the evidence against him in concrete, and bury it deep. He looked up at the fused and charged rope of explosive - and then he grinned. A sardonic twitching of the lips, and he stumbled out of the cyclone room and was gone.

His wizards were ordered to summon a company of elementals. He had seen something similar among humans at religious meetings. A beam of green light emerged from the Tower and the soldiers were slain. There were only scorched fragments left of their bodies. cz 712 vs 912 Although of course there were quite a few who could in those days. It was the first foreign language in Swedish schools. It had the same sort of status that English has now. Anyway, everything went well on that occasion. She found her bra under the bed in at least three months of dust. She shook it out and snapped it on. She put on her panties inside out, then picked up her blouse from a chair upholstered with more cat hair. She pulled on her pants and slipped on her Ferragamo loafers. They were some of her last good shoes, even if they had been resoled twice.

Each time we turned back towards the harbour we looked west, over the harbour walls to the sea beyond. The Egyptian ships had dropped their sails for battle and had their oars out, prowling the water like wolves. For some reason, they did not seem to have fired any more naphtha canisters at us. I could see its crew manning the benches, and Saewulf standing by the tiller in the stern, a coat of chain mail pulled over his green tunic and a helmet gleaming in the sun. Their lead ship had neared the harbour mouth and was closing rapidly. nvidia geforce gtx 1060 She was standing with her back to the others, looking into the shadows of the cave. I moved in front of her and waved my ephemeral hand before her eyes, though I knew it was futile. Save for the occasional blink, she really looked like nothing more than a statue. Aurora will also have pack duty as punishment for revealing our location. We must also slay his spirit, and forever sever his intelligence from the element of fire. Cayhall is not the most pleasant man to deal with. Have you ever seen the inside of a prison. He hates lawyers worse than he hates blacks and Jews. Hell, he tried to fire us for two years. This firm spent in excess of two million dollars in billable time trying to keep him alive, and he was more concerned with firing us. I lost count of the number of times he refused to meet with us after we traveled all the way to Parchman.

How could he even consider helping Lional. If I help Lional what docs that make me. Rested a hand against the rock on either side of his face and leaned close. That would make me very disappointed. rangaire hood models We knew it was from a blow to the base of the skull. Do you think the ME would consider it. The widow and her lawyer have been giving them fits as it is. The world will go on just as it has: pumping oil, shoveling coal and piling up nuclear waste by the ton. Iran will be next, and the whole Arabian peninsula when the House of Saud collapses. America will bankrupt itself fighting wars in the desert while Europe and Asia watch and reap the rewards.

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They rounded the next bend and sailed into a maelstrom of mist. All Pitt felt was a strange numbness as if all power of intelligent thought had abruptly evaporated. It seemed to him that he was entering a nightmare where nothing had any shape or form. His final moment of clarity came when the Wallowing Windbag hung suspended for a moment before soaring into the mist. Then his hold on the control bar was lost and he was hurled out of the Hovercraft. army workout Dec 14, 2017Feb 14, 2020 3 strand braiding machine diy Dragoons braced or saluted as they saw him, the older ones hailing him by name, and he returned the greetings similarly, glad once again to be on the more familiar terms of troop rather than regiment, where he knew each man better than did his own mother, and in many cases loved them a good deal more. It was a springlike day at the Cape, bright sunshine and a gentle westerly, but Hervey had seen the South Atlantic five times in a dozen years, and perfectly understood the picture the veterinary surgeon painted. An orderly ran up and interrupted the flow with a big enamel bowl. I want to observe what changes there are. I then heard Hawk grunt in pain as the two shapes moved apart. There was sudden flash of steel as a knife darted between them.

She kept it, like a common thief, stupidly thinking that she could learn to use it for herself. I was the one who should have inherited the key after Machado failed. Who was this stupid vampire to think that she could take my honor. She thought she deserved my glory. She knew she was no match for me, but my dear old friend, Ray, believed that you, one of the Chosen, might actually have a chance. bsa rifle scopes Jun 11, 2020 how do i reset my samsung galaxy s9 without password_ The coolant turned out to be Zerex. If we want a more detailed breakdown, we can send samples over to the Standard Oil refining lab in El Segundo. As he moved toward the window, the light inside continued its gyrations. It was a muted, furtive light, pointed downward, Becker thought, as someone sought to hide it from view. Tee stood by a workbench, a pen light in his mouth, wearing gardening gloves. As Becker watched, his friend opened a small chest and took out an X-Acto knife. Tee glanced around nervously again, the penlight in his mouth moving with his eyes, then stopping abruptly at the window.

I just wandered around a bit, and then I walked through town. I looked at the clock over on Ingrid Bergman Square, and it said quarter to one. It takes about ten or fifteen minutes to walk home from there. myiptv m3u list Step 1: Turn off your Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Step 2: Press & hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time until the phone vibrates. You can view the Android system recovery screen on your Oreo screen. By default start button show on your device.. Step 3: Press the volume down button until view recovery mode. Step 4: Press the power button to restart into recovery mode. ghost stories dub episode 1 The ostler was obliged to return to his business and Dido had to begin her pleasantries all over again. However, by the time she was seated by a coal fire in a dark, low-beamed parlour and had been supplied with tea and muffin, she felt herself to be sufficiently well acquainted with the bobbing maid to venture upon a question or two. But some kind of an invalid, I think. She goes up regular with the milk and eggs. But he never leaves the grounds of the house. Most of the other stuff is all helter-skelter out there. The sound of the water rushed through the entire apartment.

And Manawa was only too happy to help me. She understands about women and power. We hatched the whole scheme between us. hopkins county police reports One of the most common problems many Android users encounter is No Power issue. In this troubleshooting episode, we provide the steps on how to fix your GoogNov 01, 2016 guinea pig rescue ma That told me more than any insignia. His eyes were hidden in the shadow of his helmet, but in my mind I could almost see their bulging stare looking down on us in triumph, the veins livid with the joy of revenge. You will not do it to the Army of God. Hank drove Mindy to her car afterward. Pushing a car into a canal must be a sobering experience. She drove home-but a parking ticket placed her on Las Olas that evening. Uncounted careers went up in smoke that night. Two city council members and a state senator announced that they wanted to spend more time with their families.

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They both plopped down on the edge of the bed. He had always been gruff and cold. The closest we had ever come to bonding was him teaching me to kill stuff. Well, when all else fails, go for brevity. I never could read him, and now was no different. Feb 06, 2020 how do i stop chrome from blocking downloads 2020 I was on her, launching a flurry of attacks, meaty blows hammering into her like I was beating a hundred-pound punching bag. She flailed back and I straight kicked her in the chest. how to get question mark in fortnite name The ice resembled a thick black pane of glass over the water. Trapped bubbles traced patterns like broken pearl necklaces. The cracks resembled crumpled tissue paper. Sprays of lingonberry and stunted juniper bushes were a dull shade of wintry green.

It was disquieting, to be sure, but I had a feeling there was more to it than that. Am I to assume that this will be a combat operation. Had they known how to load them. But these savages had shown no sentiment for one another before. And how could they outrun them, making the river without being cut off. There were probably Xhosa waiting for them astride the track even now. Armstrong cursed as he bit off the cartridge, took the ball between his teeth, tapped a little powder into the pan, and emptied the charge into the barrel. They began again to close, with the same wary walk, half crouching, gesturing with their spears. mars in 8th house She was only there to keep him company. They walked slowly through the cloakroom, slumbering in the twilight. Long ranks of empty coat hangers rattled like an out-of-tune glockenspiel, set in motion by the draught as the cold air outside met the warmth inside. Two swing doors led into the main body of the church.

Then I drove back to Cleveland to get the car. Dogan always had detailed plans with several alternates. find a blesser in less than an hour Anna, can you sort out a paper bag for the hand. Not some miserable bloody tale of an alky who finally kills the old woman more or less by mistake after a week on the booze. Worse than that-the terrible murder of a celebrity. At the time, I was making for a ship with the others of the regiment who had not yet got aboard. I fear we had probably lost them all by then. But as best he could remember, it was merely the impulse of a man who saw another dying needlessly.

Her hand brushed against its furred rump. Its tip glittered in the dim light. She only wished that she could have wielded Excalibur. kjv protection from evil Dec 06, 2020 lucifer all seasons download on filmyzilla Everything the ray struck, including several people, dissolved. Quickly her furry rescuer was trapped in a corner. He hoped she would understand that he had been a different person back then, and it was because of her that he had changed. That weighed on him more than anything else, making each breath an effort.

Here was a young man very much in love. What other motive can he have had for abandoning his lady other than the conviction that he was acting in the interests of her happiness. He behaved in the only way possible for a loving and honourable man to behave. export mesh matlab Here is the way to fix Google Pixel in a boot loop. Due to this reason, sometimes black screen shows on your Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices. Several Pixel XL users reported Pixel stuck on Google screen and Pixel phone vibrating non-stop including Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4, 4 XL. When frozen your Google Pixel XL, it won’t turn on goldendoodle prodaja He wanted desperately to be sick. Was that the source of the filthy thaumaturgics. He thought so, but with his senses so whirligig he was finding it hard to tell. A sharp, scraping snick as a match was struck, flaring brief flame. The nose-tickling aroma of burning tobacco. She felt strong hands pull her outside. She gulped in fresh air, faintly tinged with burning pot smoke. But before Helen could figure out what they meant, everything went black again.

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All three of their office locations are computer-linked over the phone lines. A technician I talked with over there thinks somebody hacked into their network. We could probably get permission to put a unit in there, and maybe post a mobile team down the block, another out back. Valet parking, a semicircular reception desk with granite counters and computer workstations worthy of a four-star hotel, and a gigantic lounge greeted first time visitors, along with a grill, juice bar, cafe, and a restaurant set among a forest of ferns and philodendra on the first floor. Dec 01, 2020Google Pixel 2 Android smartphone. Announced Oct 2017. Features 5.0″ display, Snapdragon 835 chipset, 12.2 MP primary camera, 8 MP front camera, 2700 mAh battery, 128 GB storage, 4 GB RAM ccnp encor practice test Beyond the gate I could see rows of model homes marching to the end of a pennant-lined street, with the blue of Lake Mission Viejo sparkling through trees farther in. After that you have to have a keycard to get past the others. A gray Taurus sat in the driveway. An illusion I can never quite hold on to. The last thing any of them wants is to grow old with the wife and kids and die in a nursing home. The dock was crowded with people. Everywhere there was an atmosphere of excitement as the patrol boat neared the entrance to the breakwaters forming the harbor. A large paper sign was unfolded across the upper passenger deck of the ferryboat, the letters still dripping fresh paint. Pitt leaned over the railing of the patrol boat, cocked an ear, and threw back his head in laughter.

But as best he could remember, it was merely the impulse of a man who saw another dying needlessly. A bigger wave had broken square in his breast, picking him up, almost knocking him over, but he pushed through and into the swell beyond, shouting to the redcoats to help the man. How to fix your Google Pixel that won’t charge [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL] by Kirtiraj Gohil Your Google Pixel’s likely a prize that you love with its many features including a 2770 mAh battery that should last a day or two if you use your phone normally and your apps aren’t hogging power.Oct 19, 2016 ez check printing software license key free Others who shared his problem were shifting silently through the shadows of the outside world, preying on the innocent. They did not come forth for treatment. Unlike drunks and druggees who might seek counseling when they hit bottom, the creatures in whom Becker specialized yearned for the bottom. It was what they had sought all their lives, and it was there and only there that they and the release that they needed, even as they sank ever farther in the booze. Arthur had shrunk to a skin-covered skeleton with limp rags of white hair plastered to his skull. Tubes and wires snaked out of his wizened body. A pole hung with six IV bags stood by his bedside like a tree bearing exotic fruit. She held the magazine on her lap. She stood up, towering over the nurse by some six inches. Her crisp white blouse and Escada jeans were well tailored but not tight.

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  • How to Recover Photo from Broken Screen Google Pixel: Step 1: First of all, free download and install the program on your computer with above link. Then the program will automatically launch when it is finished. Choose Broken Android Phone Data Extraction on the left of the interface.
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I followed through the heat and flame, trying to coax life into limbs that smoke and despair had left numb. His face was peaceful, and he seemed to be sleeping beneath his blanket. We cut through his shackles as carefully as we could, then I gently slapped his cheek. They slid their arms under his shoulders and lifted. Google Pixel. The Google Pixel is Googles first flagship phone, released on October 20, 2016. The 5-inch AMOLED display device comes with 32 and 128 GB storage options and is available in three colors; Very Silver, Quite Black, and Really Blue. aura creator presets It is all so amazing and so uproariously funny, but the tragedy remains. For six months I lived in a blaze of glory. He Completely eclipsed you in the popular mind, and later the scientific world declared you a fraud. I came here tonight to unburden my mind to you. is my relationship healthy quiz He grabbed the maintenance man by the shoulder, and pulled him close. Bronco let out a painful yelp and doubled over in agony, then felt a fist crash down on the back of his neck, sending him face-first to the ground. Before he could react, the maintenance man pulled his arms behind his back, and cuffed him. His face had hit the ground hard, and two of his front teeth were chipped. You knew it would screw things up.

Admiral Sandecker has been erupting like a volcano the past twenty-four hours, demanding to know your status. We took bullet strikes in our fuel tanks. Also sometimes Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL won’t turn on after fully charging. Other problems related to this are Pixel 2 screen isn’t responding or dead screen on Pixel 2. Check out below given each method to fix Google Pixel 2 black screen issue. what does payment in progress mean for pua unemployment Soon, half a dozen fires seemed to break away from the main blaze like sparks, but they did not fly up and fade to cinders. Instead they drew nearer, growing larger and brighter until they resolved themselves into a troop of horsemen with torches in their hands. They halted before us and saluted. I thought he was at the council. Has he lost his command of them entirely. 1986 fleetwood bounder wiki It was the feeling of being in the right place. I atone while I sleep, and every second I repay part of a huge debt. He sat down and picked up the Koran that was lying on the blanket.

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Ducking back down, I reflexively wiped my glasses, smearing dark blood across them. Harper was lying on the floor, a gaping exit wound in the back of his head. Bits of gore and brain matter was splattered on the wall behind him. sholawat pendek yang ampuh saat ritual atau tirakat The second by his wife at the Peppermill. So I called the casinos, and asked them to tell me the make of the machines the Klinghoffers played on. Both were made by a company called Universal. I Googled them on my cell phone. Universal makes twenty percent of the slots sold around the world. He pulled a spiral notebook out of his pocket along with a pen. At the gold-and-ivory cigarette holder and the sheer scarlet silk dress clinging to those curves that day after day he made himself not notice. Who wore the most extraordinary, outlandish scarlet and black full-length silk dressing-gown embroidered with gold dragons, and on his fingers exquisitely wrought and fabulously expensive onyx and ruby rings. So much for the theoretical part of theoretical thaumaturgical metaphysics and the postulated existence of parallel worlds. It was hard enough keeping one world safe from thaumaturgical villains. I have to have one friend left in this place.

Tower shot down this ever-lengthening vortex, until he became little more than a speck, flying toward a pinpoint of bright white light. For the sake of mankind, do not fuck this up. tdameritrade api access token This was merely a test to see what he was up against. So Tower and Ver are here for duty, and the others are here for money. The greatest treasures of the Vanished Kingdom may be found amid his trove. There are scrolls containing plays that no man has seen performed in centuries, sculptures that once adorned the gardens of kings, and paintings and carvings that show the long forgotten world of my youth. I would pay any price to look once more upon these arts. Pure and simple hatred of the beast. mhw saves I have to admit that I never thought it would be. His reading lamp was on and he was still holding the file in his hand.

Things started to change ten years ago. The old emir went on a vacation to Switzerland. Oct 15, 2020I wanted to buy Pixel 5 during thanksgiving but Google was giving $55 trade in estimate for my Pixel 2XL. So I had just called Google Support and asked if they had any suggestions. I read many bad Google Support reviews but in my case it was a fantastic experience. Support lady was very nice, understanding and gave me below advise: She said to porque una persona me bloquea y me desbloquea After her debut at the Black Swan, people called her Ripper and she liked it. The name might not have stuck, except the scene repeated itself about nine times over the next year. He would stay sentinel here until dusk came, and only then return to Pampata and make fast for the night. Or rather, he became aware of what they did, for there had been vultures overhead since early morning. They had come together, collected, flocked, whatever it was that vultures did when they no longer patrolled alone, to circle in a slow but purposeful way above a single point.

I pulled it out of my pocket and hit the talk button. I thought that was you I saw standing on the side of the road back there. Googles Pixel phone ($89 at Amazon) launched without any sort of feature to make notifications quickly viewable on a locked device. In order to view an alert, you had to pick up the phone and sonic boom plush The trouble was, too many of them believed they would go better at the French for a little liquor inside them. And beer and liquor they would have traded for hot tea at any price the sutler named. Lieutenant Martyn would not let them mount until they had been marching an hour and more, the road ankle-deep in snow, but they knew at least there would be no more of it that night, for there was not a wisp of cloud. That spelled worse in its way, though, for the air was already chill, so that soon the snow froze and their marching became harder as the crust began breaking unevenly with each step. Men started to curse, some of them foully, and some profanely. But Armstrong did not strike him as a man who would play to a gallery, or to the best box for that matter. Sardec would not have cared to have the General looking at him like that. It was too reminiscent of the way a cat looked at a mouse.

Bruised and beaten, Allison had been kneeling in the living room, working with a bucket and sponge to clean the blood-soaked carpet. I discovered the other one dead on the beach. For whatever reason, crimes involving rape and sexual assault are the most under-prosecuted in the country, with nearly sixty percent of all victims never reporting their attack. And after I lied to the sheriffs about what happened, things just snowballed. Dec 14, 2017 fedora headset microphone not working She thought for sure it would see her, but she resisted the urge to run for it. And if she was going to get eaten by something lurking in this nest, then she figured the beetle would finish her off quickly. It was then that I heard something between a growl and a gulp from the young man. He was foaming at the mouth and his eyes bulged. I reached forward and seized him by the shoulders and in a moment we were engaged in a desperate struggle upon the floor. It was at that moment that I noticed a peculiar fishy odor in the room, as if a breeze from the sea hSTd entered through the open door. The young man slipped from my grasp and made for the door.

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Now, about our other problem child. Inside the building at Nettleworth, Frank was taciturn and self-contained. Never anything less than dutifully deferential. But get him back into the field, away from Department hierarchies and protocols, and the years fell away until they were simply janitors again, standing shoulder to shoulder and back to back against the swiftly multiplying evils of the world. Quite a lot of it, he suspected. Especially since Frank had been the one to dispose of that other, deceased Monk Markham. big black net worth A brief breath of sulfur scented the air. He brought the tiny flame to the cigarette and puffed once, twice, three times, firing it to a bright cherry ember. He reached out with his free hand, and closed his forefinger and thumb upon the feeble flare to be done with it. A sizzle sounded from his fingers as white tendrils of smoke spun into the air. A yellow-orange flame danced over his hairy knuckles. phone number to ip address converter Not the pleasant, woody scent of a good fire, but the stale, acrid smell of soot from a dead, burned-out blaze. A wisp of gray smoke lingered around it, hugging the mound like an apparition. The burned mess had been compromised, one side had fallen away and the top layer had slid off. Included in that layer was the body of a human being, burned beyond recognition.

Made of simple planks with a slat running diagonally across them. I barely have time to register the thought before I realize how wrong it is. cid list of episodes The dog had been quiet in the laundry room all evening. She took him out for a walk at ten. But that disturbing howl was followed by another, this one longer and louder than the first. Imagining Clarice calling the police, Peggy ran down the cold marble staircase and opened the laundry room door to see what was wrong. As soon as he saw the door open, he ran head-first into her. Peggy almost lost her footing and grabbed the counter for support. murders in east tennessee Please ask Chief Gaika when we may march. The Xhosa mead had been strong, and the sun had seemed twice its usual power.

The flesh of his face sloughed away, leaving a skull, and then black tendrils sprang from under his helmet and out of his mouth, coating his face in a withering mask. They shall feel my wrath and know of my eternal rage. Once she is broken I shall give her to her mother, and she too shall join my legions. The armor remained, only now dented and rusted, bracketed in filth and ooze. The mass slapped wetly against the wooden floor, black fluids dripping through to eat away at the ground below. deaths in oxnard I thought I could beat the Old Ones at their own game. So I cut a deal to benefit us all. It holds information that will allow me to open a portal to the other side. Very few people have the potential to unlock that kind of mystery. Hood was behind what had happened at the Christmas party. how to get aim assist on pc warzone It stomped away into its apartment. A glance behind her showed that the denizens of the building were watching her from the safety of their doorways. She doubted the frightened creatures would get in her way if she retreated to her own universe.

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  • Devices on Google Play moved to the new Google Store! Devices that you add to your basket must have the same Preferred Care plan. Add or remove Preferred Care for this device to match what’s already in your basket or buy this device in a separate order.

So the question is-how noble are you, Professor, when you get down to brass tacks. How noble is it to let someone else pay the price for your principles. This is what happens to some of the first few owners of Google Pixel 2 XL device, which surprisingly succumbed into a power issue at a very early operational natsu and lucy baby nashi fanfiction Sherry and pearl onions, garlic cloves, rosemary, and three different kinds of mushrooms. Broiled marinated quail on a bed of bulgur with currants, scallions, puree of roasted carrots, and leeks with ginger. They should be lined up outside. You got good taste, but are you man enough to pay eight thousand bucks for the bottle. How about a nice medium weight Bordeaux, a 1988 vintage. overhead journal entry Carl took up position behind the desk, CZ extended in front of him. Reaper stumbled into the doorway, his arms raised in a surrender position. The girl stood behind him with his Glock 19 pressed into the base of his neck. The drugs must have worn off enough for her to come to, and she was obviously angry and confused.

His tantalizing kisses distracted her from her purpose, and she gave in to the temptation to taste the pleasure he offered. I have noted it seems to have a most peculiar effect on you, much as it just did. Jul 14, 2018Theres still quite a number of #GooglePixel2 users who are wondering what to do when their phones screen becomes black and unresponsive. In todays video, rtklib manual Instead he got out a ledger from his satchel and held it towards him balefully: his fortune in credit extended to the Murom was no more. The worst of the heat was past, but to men who were parched, the drink would be double-strength. 20x30 pavilion plans In which case, should he invent a reason to go back. The uncertainty was going to give him an ulcer. I am not employed by his lordship to safekeep Lanruvian secrets. It seems the Lanruvians grow a variety of cherry to make a liqueur fancier weep with joy. If someone had fallen down on the job, heads would surely roll.

The poor devils were raveningly hungry, barefoot, and their once fine uniforms in rags. A great many of them had no muskets. A British ensign, attached as an interpreter, told me they fired off all their ammunition just to keep their hands warm. But their delirium looked little different to me from the stupor of our own infantry, too many of whom appeared to have broken into the bodegas and staved in the casks. I have seen them shoot down exhausted bullocks in the street, while they are attached to the cart poles, and then hacked up and wolved with barely a pass through the flame of burning stores and furniture. Dec 05, 2020Fix Google pixel lens blur issue; Fix Google Pixel 2 Black screen issues Fix Google Pixel restarting itself; 6 Ways to Fix Google Pixel Died or Won’t Turn: Google Pixel XL. Use Volume and power button tricks to Fix Pixel XL died & won’t turn on. Long pressing the power button and volume down for 10-15 seconds. stampylongnose lovely world download A box of filters leaned against the air conditioner. But Helen could not see where to install the filters. Maybe I can find one for the air conditioner. She could feel sweat trickling down her neck. random dice best pvp deck no legendaries The last time I hit him so much he was bleeding. He knelt beside her, his arm around her, and she turned to him abruptly, clutching his shirt and pulling his face toward hers. She pressed her lips against his with such force that she pushed him off balance. Becker rose to his feet and she was back at him, clawing at his belt.

Have you noticed, Eliza, how all my enquiries seem to bring me back to Miss Clara. Do you suppose the emeralds could be hers. A gift perhaps from Mrs Lansdale. Or does she have some reserve of wealth of which we know nothing. And so I have determined to call upon her mother again as soon as I may. Pixel 2 . 2 years ago. Archived. My phone just wont turn on! Hello, I bought my Google Pixel back in November 16. Ive used it all these months with virtually no issues whatsoever. I was just chilling playing Overwatch and my phone was next to me. I wanted to see if I got any messages so I tried to hit the power button but nothing.My Pixel XL suddenly died during use and wont power on. I was browsing Reddit on my new Pixel XL 128 with about 50% battery and it suddenly turned off and is completely non-responsive. Ive tried power+vol up and also power+vol down with no luck. yamaha voice files free download The climbers had become silent, but he knew they were getting close. Jack sat again as if his legs could not hold him. Ash took his first tentative steps along the crest of the mountain with the boy on his back. He could see it even with his face against the rock, the horizon hovering tauntingly just one more reach above him. samsung b550 tv The thinking caste of the Ultari Spider Folk succumbed to madness and disease. The Ocean Queens of the Quan went insane or devolved back to being barely sentient. The Serpent Men retreated within their Towers, their sorcerer priests taking to their sarcophagi, determined to sleep until the world was healed.